Husein and Asiya – Double tree by Hilton – Ras Al Khaimah, Emirates
During the Mehndi ceremony, Asiya walking down the colourful path to meet Husein was the most beautiful thing my eyes had seen, it seemed like a royal affair, and Princess Jasmin finally got to be with her Prince. The ribbon décor was an astonishing burst of soft colours from yellow to sea green, peach and sky blue giving it a soft romantic feel alongside the delicate bright looking florals. The way the colours blended, felt like an expression of their love intertwined, each colour complimenting the other as Asiya’s green with silver dotted apparel complimented Husein’s royal blue in all its radiance. Who knew colours could feed the butterflies in my tummy, and a dream wedding could be so perfectly birthed into reality to produce a feast of love seemingly orchestrated by the gods themselves. When I saw Husein smile to himself out of the corner of my eyes as he held Asiya’s hand while they danced, I knew undoubtedly he was the happiest man on earth!! And as if all that glamour displayed throughout the wedding wasn’t enough, the venue was breathtaking to say the very least. (Organized by Cineyug Celebrations) Double Tree Hilton in Ras Al Khaimah, Emirates […]
  There were only beautiful scenes to behold as Amerik and Rana tied the knot in the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend. Standing beside each other, the couple gave a new definition to the popular statement, “they were made for each other”.There are not too many more beautiful Gurdwaras to hold a wedding in England than the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend. The structure is bathed with ornaments, both on the inside and outside.   Perfection is mostly unattainable, but the couple rolled out in near perfect outfits with impeccable colours. The bride spotted an all pink outfit with green gems around her neck to match the groom’s green robe. Amerik’s pink Cinderella gown was crowned with a pink see-through veil sitting on her glistening hair, she was perfect. The pink themed outfit spotted classy embroideries all over, and the gown was so long it left no room to decipher what shoes were underneath. Amerik shone on the day!   Now, Rana made sure he didn’t look any less glorious than his bride. He spotted an outfit with a mixture of yellow, green and red colours. In full regalia, he matched the heavily and beautifully embroidered outfit with a sword […]
A Truly Royal celebration!
  Every Sikh wedding is unique, and each one produces a fantastic opportunity for wedding photographers who love a challenge and can last the many days over which Sikh weddings often take. Sikh wedding photography provides a colourful and extravagant backdrop for gorgeous photos of beautiful couples in elegant traditional attire. Sikh weddings are bursting with tradition and history, so there’s a lot to get through before the final ceremony, but the colours, decorations, and elaborate attire make it all worth the photographers while for the opportunity to capture such stunning imagery.   We recently had the opportunity to hone our Indian wedding photography skills through capturing the ceremony of the gorgeous couple Gurpreet and Govinda, and what a grand ceremony it was; full of love, laughter, and happiness. It’s clear that these two are the pride and joy of both their families. A critical moment for the bride is the placing of the chunni on her head. The chunni is traditional head garb that has deep sentimental meanings for the bride, so capturing this sobering moment on camera is essential to help capture the spirit of the entire wedding.   Gurpreet looked mesmerising in her traditional Sikh wedding dress. […]
Fabulous Hindu Wedding of Retu and Suresh
  The VIP Studio has covered photography and cinematography of numerous Hindu weddings in England and all around the world and this was definitely amongst the very best. It was a very memorable experience for us as the wedding turned out to be extraordinary for several reasons. One of these, of course, has to be the charming and beautiful couple Retu & Suresh.   Suresh is a tall, dark, and handsome young man who looked dashing in traditional Indian attire on the day of his wedding. He chose a cream colour Sherwani embellished with gold brocade to charm the occasion.  During the Phere ceremony and also the Jaimala, Suresh kept a Sehra tied on his forehead. It kept his face partially hidden but his electric smile was apparent to each and every guest present at the wedding.   Retu stole the thunder at the wedding not just by her attire but also with her beautiful looks that made her look like a classic Bollywood actress. She wore a dark maroon lehnga choli that was covered with heavy brocade. Even the dupatta that she took on her head was so impressive that it caught the attention of the guests. On top […]
Majestic Hindu Wedding of Sonam and Tarun
  We got the opportunity to cover the Hindu wedding ceremony & reception of Sonam and Tarun. The wedding ceremony was recently organised at Stockley Park, a stunning wedding venue in West London. Sonam and Tarun made a very beautiful and dreamy couple. Their wedding was solemnised through traditional Hindu rituals and traditions and it was attended by a large number of guests, mainly close relatives and friends as well as some of our former and future clients.   Tarun looked dashing and elegant in his traditional attire Tarun and Sonam wore traditional items of clothing during the wedding ceremony. Tarun looked dapper in his golden erect collar Sherwani that was embellished with brocade. He wore a red scarf with golden print on his shoulders. The short stubble gave him a rugged and very masculine look during the wedding ceremony.   Sonam was absolutely stunning in a dark pink Wedding Lehnga Sonam looked like an angel wearing a traditional dark pink Lehnga Choli. She had covered her head with a pink Dupatta. All her garments were adorned with the help of golden brocade. She had matching bangles on her wrists and looked like a true royal bride. Her wonderful Kundan […]
Barinder and Arun! Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend
  Barinder and Arun, swaying in that ever elusive aura of a fairytale wedding, adorned in the finest of apparels, glittering and glowing the bride could very easily have been Cinderella. As Gold and Pink shone her features keeping her husband on a verge of relishing a wedding with her. Her Apparel with a background of pink with gold embroidery seemed to be an experimentation, only nature’s very own artist could put together. Never have I seen such perfection in one place. And the Groom. Sighs. An exceptional colour mix of mint and gold made him seem like the proverbial prince charming, riding in glory to the rescue of his princess. Maybe I watch too much fairy tales. But I can assure you that this wedding was just as much a fairy tale for those who witnessed all that splendour and finery being displayed in majestic yet subtle motions; as though practised for months by the couple.   They seemed so happy together, and rightly so. At some point, I thought my eyes had seen enough of finery, but there was more, as I couldn’t be everywhere at once, thanks to The VIP Studio who aided with some breath-taking wedding […]
Royal Wedding of Dhivya and Amar
  It was a privilege for The VIP Studio to get a chance to cover the wedding of the beautiful couple Dhivya and Amar. The wedding ceremony took place in Ditton Park Manor, a majestic wedding venue located in Berkshire, England. It was a truly memorable traditional Hindu, Gujarati wedding with everything planned and executed to perfection. We were very excited to provide our service of Indian wedding photography for this event.   All the ceremonies in this wedding were carried out according to Hindu traditions and culture. The wedding ceremony was attended by close family and friends. The centre of attraction was, of course, the bride and the groom. Dhivya and Amar both complimented each other well, with Amar giving a masculine look and Dhivya looking like a pretty doll draped in mesmerising dress and wonderful jewellery.   A cropped hairstyle and a short stubble turned Amar into a royal prince as he arrived at the hall wearing white and golden ethnic attire. It was a white Sherwani with erect collars and golden brocade used to do the embellishment. He wore golden Chudidar (trousers) and took the same colour Dupatta on his shoulders. The open shoes he chose for […]
Shruti and Jason
One of a photographer’s favourite photographic opportunities is a destination wedding. All weddings are beautiful, but when couples choose to orchestrate their wedding ceremonies and festivities around a favourite location, photographers can be sure the day will be filled with opportunities to capture some incredible panoramic memories. As professional photographers with years of experience in Indian wedding photography, we were understandably delighted to be chosen to ply our skills at the joining of Shruti and Jason. Shruti and Jason are an amazing couple who decided to celebrate the start of their new life of marital bliss with a ceremony performed at a spectacular beachside hotel in Goa at the Park Hyatt Resort & Spa. In a celebration-taking place over several days, we were able to take full advantage of a range of lighting conditions, outfits, and even some animal life. Shruti and Jason both enjoy the company of the equine persuasion, so it only seemed appropriate to capture some sweet beachside moments of the delightful couple with their faithful steed.  How magnificent does Jason look astride his magnificent horse; ready to gallop in and whisk his princess away to the life she deserves. One of our favourite shots during our […]