A Truly Royal celebration!


Every Sikh wedding is unique, and each one produces a fantastic opportunity for wedding photographers who love a challenge and can last the many days over which Sikh weddings often take. Sikh wedding photography provides a colourful and extravagant backdrop for gorgeous photos of beautiful couples in elegant traditional attire. Sikh weddings are bursting with tradition and history, so there’s a lot to get through before the final ceremony, but the colours, decorations, and elaborate attire make it all worth the photographers while for the opportunity to capture such stunning imagery.


We recently had the opportunity to hone our Indian wedding photography skills through capturing the ceremony of the gorgeous couple Gurpreet and Govinda, and what a grand ceremony it was; full of love, laughter, and happiness. It’s clear that these two are the pride and joy of both their families. A critical moment for the bride is the placing of the chunni on her head. The chunni is traditional head garb that has deep sentimental meanings for the bride, so capturing this sobering moment on camera is essential to help capture the spirit of the entire wedding.


Gurpreet looked mesmerising in her traditional Sikh wedding dress. Red has deep meaning in Sikh customs as it symbolises prosperity and auspiciousness in the bride’s new married life. The veil is framed by elaborate gold beadwork and dappled throughout with delicate golden thread inlays, to perfectly accentuate Gurpreet’s beautiful and elegant Salwar Kameez. Gold leaf designs crowd her Salwar Kameez, creating an intricate network of gold and red that delights the eyes, for an outfit that perfectly complements the bangles (Choora) adorning Gurpreet’s arms, and the elaborate gold nath (nose ring) and chain framing her delicate face. Who would have thought so much gold could look so good without appearing flashy? It certainly helps to create a more royal presence for the bride and groom.


Govinda likewise went with traditional attire and set a supremely regal figure to match Gurpreet’s beauty. All Sikh grooms must cover their heads with a turban for the religious part of the ceremony, as it is a sign of utmost respect to the gods. A Sikh groom also carries a sword as a symbol of protection for his wife and family. Govinda’s gold-accented scabbard with gold emblazoned grip creates an imposing weapon that perfectly symbolises his devotion to his new bride.


It was tradition all the way with this Sikh wedding, as Sikhs believe in the beauty of the body as is, without hair removal. The tradition holds even more reverence on a Sikh wedding day. Although many modern grooms are choosing to forego this tradition by having a more modern look, Govinda held the age-old tradition up high as evidenced by his immaculately trimmed beard.


The love and goodwill this family has for the bride and groom permeated the whole ceremony. It was infectious, and we had a lot of fun capturing this stunning imagery for long-lasting memories, and a beautiful reminder of this grand event that celebrates life, love, and devotion to family and friends. We can’t wait for more opportunities to practice our craft at Asian wedding photography.

Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Gurpreet & Govinda - Image 1

Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Gurpreet & Govinda - Featured Image

Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Gurpreet & Govinda - Image 2

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Wedding Photography: The VIP Studio

Wedding Cinematography: The VIP Studio

Gurdwara: Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

Make Up Artist: Reena Parmar


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