Fabulous Hindu Wedding of Retu and Suresh


The VIP Studio has covered photography and cinematography of numerous Hindu weddings in England and all around the world and this was definitely amongst the very best. It was a very memorable experience for us as the wedding turned out to be extraordinary for several reasons. One of these, of course, has to be the charming and beautiful couple Retu & Suresh.


Suresh is a tall, dark, and handsome young man who looked dashing in traditional Indian attire on the day of his wedding. He chose a cream colour Sherwani embellished with gold brocade to charm the occasion.  During the Phere ceremony and also the Jaimala, Suresh kept a Sehra tied on his forehead. It kept his face partially hidden but his electric smile was apparent to each and every guest present at the wedding.


Retu stole the thunder at the wedding not just by her attire but also with her beautiful looks that made her look like a classic Bollywood actress. She wore a dark maroon lehnga choli that was covered with heavy brocade. Even the dupatta that she took on her head was so impressive that it caught the attention of the guests. On top of her wonderful dress was the royal jewellery that she had chosen for the day to dazzle everyone. She had a large nose ring that was attached to the rest of the jewellery. Retu looked like a Queen from the old times because of the huge Maang tika that she wore on her forehead.


On the day of the registry wedding, the couple were in a very joyful and relaxed mood. Suresh wore a grey formal suit and Retu choosing to wear a long white gown. If Retu looked ultra glamorous in her gown with flare and frills, Suresh looked as handsome as anyone this year in his trim haircut and stubble. After the registry wedding, we got many opportunities to capture fabulous photographs of the gorgeous couple in a natural and romantic pose.


We were pleased to be a part of both amazing ceremonies and used our skills and experience to capture wonderful memories for the bride and the groom.


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Hindu Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Retu & Suresh - Image 1

Hindu Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Retu & Suresh - Image 2

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Wedding Photography: The VIP Studio

Wedding Cinematography: The VIP Studio


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