Barinder and Arun! Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend


Barinder and Arun, swaying in that ever elusive aura of a fairytale wedding, adorned in the finest of apparels, glittering and glowing the bride could very easily have been Cinderella. As Gold and Pink shone her features keeping her husband on a verge of relishing a wedding with her. Her Apparel with a background of pink with gold embroidery seemed to be an experimentation, only nature’s very own artist could put together. Never have I seen such perfection in one place. And the Groom. Sighs. An exceptional colour mix of mint and gold made him seem like the proverbial prince charming, riding in glory to the rescue of his princess. Maybe I watch too much fairy tales. But I can assure you that this wedding was just as much a fairy tale for those who witnessed all that splendour and finery being displayed in majestic yet subtle motions; as though practised for months by the couple.


They seemed so happy together, and rightly so. At some point, I thought my eyes had seen enough of finery, but there was more, as I couldn’t be everywhere at once, thanks to The VIP Studio who aided with some breath-taking wedding photographs to keep my lust for finery in check. Sometime during the ceremony, my eyes were shut in saturation of all the pretty little things I had witnessed.


AHH, Did I forget to mention the venue?? It was essentially the icing on a really sweet cake. The Guru Nanak Darbar, Gravesend in Kent. This Gurdwara projected a certain rustic atmosphere during the ceremony like it had a mind of its own. Even the elements seemed to be in concord with the day’s proceedings. If you missed this, kindly contact The VIP Studio, lest you too claim it too good to be true.


Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Arun & Barinder - Image 2

Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Arun & Barinda - Image 1

Sikh Wedding Photography - The VIP Studio - Arun & Barinder - Image 3


Wedding Photography: The VIP Studio

Wedding Cinematography: The VIP Studio

Gurdwara: Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend

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